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Sushi Kisen

Welcome to Arcadia's first Edomae Style sushi restaurant. Using traditional Japanese techniques and the finest quality ingredients, we bring out the hidden flavors of each dish and create a unique dining experience for our customers.

While most high-end sushi restaurants only serve Omakase, Old School Edomae Style restaurants serve both Omakase (chef’s choice) and Okonomi (my choice). At Sushi Kisen, there are no pre-fixed courses. We customize your dining experience with recommendations from our chefs or you can select from our extensive sushi selections and daily specials. We usually carry 30 to 40 selections of fish and most of them are delivered directly from our partners in Toyosu Market in Tokyo twice a week. Our experienced Japanese chefs serve the classic “seaweed outside” rolls, with the highest quality seaweed and ingredients such as premium rice and red vinegars, so you can taste the difference in this traditional Japanese style sushi.



Sushi Chef Hiro

Executive Chef

Hiro Yamada was born in the Kumamoto prefecture in Japan. Starting his career as a sushi chef at the age of 18, he then moved to Tokyo at 20 to learn the traditional style of Edomae sushi. After working at Tokyo’s top restaurants and following his passion for American music, he moved to Philadelphia in 1995 and continued working with top Japanese chefs like Atsushi Yokoyama (Michelin 1-star). After successful years working in Sushi Gen in Little Tokyo and Shiki Beverly Hills, Chef Yamada opened Sushi Kisen with his longtime friend, Yamato. Sushi Kisen is the culmination of their years of expertise seeking out and serving the finest fish in the world.

Hiro Yamada

Join Our Team

a Pure-carbon Japanese Knife with the Sushi Kisen Name Engraved

Sushi Kisen and the management company YS Group Inc are looking for aspiring individuals who want to jump-start their career. We offer great opportunities and competitive salaries & benefits. Join and be part of our growing family! Description: Sushi Kisen is the first Edomae sushi restaurant in the heart of Arcadia. We can add the job description after (aspiring) and benefits (health insurance, vacations, tips and etc). For chefs, we can even include future support of partnership when opening your own business.

Any chefs who have worked with us for a certain period of time receive a pure-carbon Japanese knife with our store name engraved as a certificate.